I Can Fix Your PC Today


most computers can be fixed in one day!

Of course that depends on what is wrong...
The first determination we make is whether the problem is hardware or software.

Hardware Problems

Most personal computers or laptops have just a few replaceable parts. I have many parts available and ready to go, Others can be ordered and received in just a few days.

Either way we can get your computer talking to you again!

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Software Problems

This is where I have encountered most of the problems these days. Win XP is no longer supported.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft.

And of course new viruses, hacks and trojans everywhere!

But fortunately I have all the tools to get you back on the road!

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Internet Problems

Many times the problem is not in the computer but in the cables or signal coming to it. I can diagnose where the loose cable or loss of signal is.

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Other problems

And sometimes it is just time to get a new computer!

I can make a recommendation on what your next computer should look like. Depending on how you will be using it, there are different factors which could cost you extra or save you money!

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I know exactly what is wrong with your PC!

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We are based in Victoria, Texas
Serving all of Southeast Texas
We Make House Calls!

Service Call Rates start at $ 45.00

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